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December 1, 2022 - By:

Truck drivers

XPO has said it has now surpassed its goal of hiring at least 1,000 truck drivers in the UK...

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November 22, 2022 - By:

€1,500 euros

A driver was fined nearly €1,500 euros in Luxembourg because the tachograph in his HGV hadn’t been configured well...

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November 14, 2022 - By:

Lost control

A court has learned the accident that occured back in April, when the driver was speaking to his fiancée...

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November 7, 2022 - By:

Driver shortage

Just over a fortnight ago, the French government met with various stakeholders in the logistics industry to discuss the...

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October 28, 2022 - By:


Punishment for embezzlement and tax fraud. Lithuania’s Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT) has revealed that an unnamed haulage boss...

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October 20, 2022 - By:

New regulations

New regulations in Norway. The Norwegian government has changed its road transport rules in order to implement EU regulations....

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October 10, 2022 - By:

Tachograph card

A lorry driver has lost his lost his licence for 3 months after road traffic inspectors in Poland found...

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October 3, 2022 - By:

Danish hauliers

Danish hauliers and freight forwarders have contributed to a fiery online debate over transportation capacity problems in Europe and...

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September 26, 2022 - By:

Petrol stations

Police in Norway have received numerous reports of fuel and bank cards that have been skimmed at pay-at-the pump...

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September 17, 2022 - By:

Return of truck

Edits to the European Commission’s Q&A webpage on the EU Mobility Package indicate that the mandatory return of truck...

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