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February 14, 2024 - By:

Pan-European disqualification of drivers license

The European Parliament has voted to ban drivers across Europe for seriously breaking traffic laws.

The European Parliament has approved measures to ensure that driving license suspensions issued in one EU country are enforced and enforced throughout the EU. MEPs also approved the extension of the list of serious traffic offences.

MEPs have decided that serious traffic offenses such as speeding and drink-driving should lead to driving license bans across the EU. Currently, if you lose your driving license due to a driving offense in an EU country other than the country that issued the permit, the penalty is limited to the country where the offense occurred, it does not also apply to driving rights in other EU countries .

To address this issue, the proposed new legislation should decide to suspend, ban or revoke non-resident permits and driving licenses to be notified to issuing EU countries to ensure uniform implementation across EU member states . .

In addition, the EU is talking about adding drunk driving and driving without a valid license to the list of serious traffic offenses and death, to facilitate the exchange of information on driving license suspensions.

In addition, exceeding the speed limit of 50 km/h is considered a serious offense that can lead to disqualification. However, in residential areas the speed limit is expected to be lowered and eventually the license will be revoked or canceled if the speed reaches 30 km/h.

In terms of implementation, the European Parliament requests 10 working days for EU countries to notify each other of their cancellation decisions, and another 15 working days to decide whether the cancellation will be included in the EU as a whole. It is possible MEPs stress the importance of informing injured drivers of the final decision within seven working days.

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