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April 17, 2024 - By:

Shortage of truck drivers

The UK will review age and training requirements to reduce truck driver shortages.

The UK government is exploring ways to tackle the truck driver shortage through a consultation launched by the Department for Transport. The main focus is to train 18-20 year old drivers to drive fast and long haul trucks.

The main focus of the communication is the restriction for young bus drivers to turn it off. According to current legislation, people aged 18 to 20 with a valid driver’s license can drive on roads up to 50 km long. The DfT is considering lifting these restrictions for longer journeys, including the London to Manchester route.

The shortage of truck drivers is a major problem affecting supply chains and supermarkets. According to industry data, the percentage is 6.6%.

The DfT believes these changes could address this issue:

– Encouraging young people to drive trucks: removing age restrictions on long bus routes will increase the opportunities for young drivers to choose new drivers through initial theory and off-road training.

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