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February 20, 2024 - By:

Major changes

Major changes will be made to the law of this country In Norway, the law will change next month....

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February 14, 2024 - By:

Pan-European disqualification of drivers license

The European Parliament has voted to ban drivers across Europe for seriously breaking traffic laws. The European Parliament has...

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February 9, 2024 - By:

Sea transportation market

What will the shipping market look like in 2024? Industry Reports and Expert Opinions The last few years have...

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January 23, 2024 - By:


  Next week, Eurotunnel will stop working overnight. Eurotunnelland’s Le Shuttle Freight service has announced the temporary suspension of...

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January 18, 2024 - By:

Current problems

Current problems and trends for 2024 The COVID-19 pandemic forced the development of software that controls the temperature. Driven...

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January 9, 2024 - By:


  Bulgarian and Romanian carriers want clarity on the end of inspections They received the happy news that both...

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December 28, 2023 - By:

New proposals

New proposals for the transport of animals in the EU. Western carriers recognized this as “complete nonsense” The European...

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December 13, 2023 - By:

Ongoing extension of border controls in the Schengen area

Ongoing extension of border controls in the Schengen area Austria, Italy and Poland have expanded border controls, and Norway...

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November 30, 2023 - By:

The three countries continued checks at the border

The three countries continued checks at the border Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria continued to control the border...

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November 23, 2023 - By:

Truck emission standards

Truck emission standards approved by the European Parliament; neither T&E nor ACEA are satisfied Heavy vehicle manufacturers will have...

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