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February 20, 2024 - By:

Major changes

Major changes will be made to the law of this country

In Norway, the law will change next month. The new powers will enable the Norwegian authorities to better deal with infringements on the coast.

According to the Norwegian government, from March 1 inspection bodies will be able to impose fines for violations of certain commercial transport rules.

Until now, the courts impose fines for violations of certain laws, especially those related to coastal shipping by cargo. As of March 1, the Norwegian Highways Authority can issue on-the-spot fines for certain violations.

The inspector may impose a fine during the inspection for the violation of some special rules for the transportation of cargo to the coast by the unlicensed and unlicensed driver during transportation.

Despite the Norwegian Highway Authority’s new powers, administrative actions are still initiated for serious violations.

The following violations of the coastal transport rules can be fined by the Norwegian Road Authority at road inspections from March:

– do not book international vehicles to Norway – if transported by cabotage, more than 7 days have passed since the end of the last international voyage

– more than 3 cabotage voyages followed by international traffic and approval of the Community.

– If one or more coastal voyages are made

– If more than 3 days pass after arrival in Norway without cargo

– If the price

– Carriage in a vehicle without invoice/document for

– A carriage for start the journey towards the coast before releasing the cargo.

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