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Trucksters (Spanish relay-based freight transport start-up) says it has reinforced its commitment towards driver well-being by appointing a new Driver Experience Manager. Alberto Agulló, who has been selected for the role, will oversee a team of six people. His job will be to lead a strategic plan which will help truck drivers to sleep more at home and spend more quality time with their families.

According to Trucksters, another key objective for the team is to provide cleaner, safer and better serviced rest areas for the drivers.

Mr Agulló is a civil engineer with more than five years of international experience in supply chain operations. He has worked in multinational companies such as Privalia, as Global Operations Controller, or in Havaianas, acting as the manager of two distribution centres in Europe and the head of operations.

Commenting on his arrival at the company, Mr Agulló said:

“Joining Trucksters, provides me with the opportunity to be part of a project which is revolutionising the transport sector, a project which prioritize the livelihood of drivers and aims to improve their lives. We are going to work with everything we have to improve the living conditions of drivers, not only by allowing them to sleep more at home, but with many more initiatives that we are starting to develop.”

Gabor Balogh, co-founder of the company, added:

“It is a very critical moment in the industry, where the lack of drivers, the generational change, the price of fuel and the constant increase in the movement of goods worldwide is generating a furious storm, and we have to react. At Trucksters we put all our focus on the drivers, on improving their lives and those of their families with a variety of initiatives. We are going to make this profession attractive and desired by society again, and to achieve this we needed Alberto, who will be leading the initiative.”

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