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December 1, 2022 - By:

Truck drivers

XPO has said it has now surpassed its goal of hiring at least 1,000 truck drivers in the UK and Ireland in 2022. The company achieved the goal in early November despite the challenges presented by the driver shortage. As a result of achieving its target, XPO says it is on track to onboard over 20% more UK drivers this year than in 2021, increasing its net driving workforce by hundreds. At the same time, the company states it is reducing its use of subcontract drivers.

Commenting on the announcement, Lynn Brown, XPO’s human resources director for UK and Ireland, said that the company offers “competitive salary and benefits packages” and holds forums to get feedback from truckers. “It is critical that we support our drivers by understanding their needs. We offer competitive salary and benefits packages, hold forums to encourage driver feedback, and provide upskill training, all of which position XPO as an employer of choice in our sector,” said Brown.

She continued: “Our driver boot camps and apprenticeship scheme are examples of channels for driver development that leverage our scale. Individuals who have an interest in becoming licensed HGV drivers can train with us while they work in other roles. These schemes bolster our transport capacity available to customers while helping employees pursue a new career.”

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