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July 4, 2023 - By:

Tolls are increasing in the Czech Republic

Tolls are increasing in the Czech Republic. More expensive due to the level of emissions

Road toll rates will increase next year in the Czech Republic. The increase was made possible by a change in a European directive, and tolls will be increased by an emissions charge.

Tolls on Czech highways may increase by 10-15 percent from March next year.

According to Martin Kupka, the increase in rates should bring an additional two billion Czech crowns (about 84 million euros) to the state budget. Currently, about 14 billion Czech crowns (about 589 million euros) come to the state treasury from road tolls in the Czech Republic.

Minister Kupka stated that the increase in Czech fees became possible thanks to a change in the European directive. This is due to the fact that the Czechs will introduce a fee for emissions into the atmosphere.

The government previously announced that the price of annual travel on autobahns will rise next year from the current 1,500 Czech crowns (63 euros) to 2,300 crowns (97 euros), i.e. by almost 47 percent. The minister added that if the toll on the autobahns is increased due to inflation, it will be more than the planned 2,300 kroner. At the same time, the head of the ministry emphasized that he will strive for such rates of price increase that will not threaten the activities of motor carriers. Therefore, Martin Kupka’s latest statement means that the increase will be less significant.

According to Kupka, the increase is also necessary due to investments in transport infrastructure. Over 100 kilometers of new highways should be opened in the Czech Republic next year.

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