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The update of smart tachographs

The update of smart tachographs of the second generation: what Brussels responded

The European Commission responded to the appeal of the Dutch transporters’ union to Brussels regarding the second-generation smart tachograph and the proposal to update the device with an additional authentication signal.

Following a recent appeal by the Dutch transport and logistics organization Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN), in which carriers opposed the mandatory update of the new smart tachograph, the European Commission has changed its proposal.

Brussels refused the mandatory update of the device, which due to the lack of an OSMNA (Open Service Navigation Message Authentication) signal was considered transitional, reports TLN. Brussels remains open to making this update mandatory in the future.

We would like to remind you that from August 21 this year, the second-generation smart tachograph will become mandatory for new registered heavy-duty vehicles. Six months before this requirement came into force, it was already known that the OSMNA signal, which was supposed to be provided by the European Space Agency (EUSPA), would not be available in time.

Indeed, the tachograph will have all its functions, except for the additional verification of the satellite signal, which was supposed to be provided by OSMNA.

In its absence, the European Commission has proposed that when OSMNA makes the signal available, carriers will have to update their tachographs. However, according to the calculations of the Dutch organization, the additional costs for this mandatory update of tachographs for the Netherlands alone will amount to about 10.5 million euros.

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