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November 30, 2023 - By:

The three countries continued checks at the border

The three countries continued checks at the border

Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria continued to control the border with Slovakia.

People and vehicles crossing the Polish-Slovak border are selected for screening based on a risk analysis. The purpose of introducing border control is to prevent illegal migration from the Balkan route

Czech Republic and Austria

The Czech Republic introduced border controls with Slovakia by agreement with Poland on October 4 this year. Then, as in our country, these inspections continued. The checks were due to expire yesterday, but the government extended them until January 3 at the request of Interior Minister Vito Rakušan.

After yesterday’s government meeting, Rakušan emphasized that this is the answer to the “migration domino” in Central Europe, and the Czech Republic cannot behave differently in the face of the decisions of neighboring countries.

Austria has also decided to extend border controls with Slovakia. According to the decree of the Federal Minister of Internal Affairs, they will last until December 2 this year.

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