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April 18, 2023 - By:

Supply chains

The pandemic has finally put an end to the confusion in supply chains. This is reported by American analysts

The Global Supply Chain Pressure Index (GSCPI), which tracks disruptions in global supply chains, is at its lowest level since summer 2019.

In February of this year, the index was minus 0.26 points. A month earlier, it was still higher by 0.95 points. It is worth noting that the latest GSCPI reading is the first negative reading since August 2019. Since the beginning of the pandemic, only in October 2020 has the index briefly approached zero.

The authors of the index write that the February value was lower than the historical average of the index.

2022 brought an avalanche-like fall of the index. At the time of the establishment of the index – in January 2022 – the index was calculated at the level of 3.39 points. This reflected the market situation – port congestion that had plagued the logistics sector since the spring of 2020 has largely disappeared over the past year.

The reason was a decrease in demand in the Western world, which led to a decrease in container traffic between China and ports in Europe and North America.

The GSCPI index was created in January 2022 by the US Federal Reserve System (FED). The data that make up the index comes from various existing indicators that track global transport and the economy. These include the Baltic Dry Index (bulk rate index), the Harper Container Index, several air freight price indices, as well as PMI industrial production indices from around the world.

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