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December 8, 2022 - By:

Online service

A new online service means that lorry drivers can now see real-time footage of how many places are available at selected 24-hour rest areas in Norway. The hope is that the new service will make it easier for lorry drivers to plan their journeys and find a safe place to park.

“Through feedback from drivers, we have learned that a number of 24-hour rest areas can often be full, especially close to the cities. This creates challenges in terms of planning and carrying out everyday life for drivers,” says Frode Kvam from the Norwegian Road Administration.

Using historical data, the service will also soon provide drivers with an indication of how busy a particular 24-hour rest area is at any given time during the day. At launch, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration service will cover the following 24-hour rest areas in Norway:

Bodø harbour, Nordland Fauske, Nordland Storjord, Nordland Dale, Westland Lillesand/Horizonten, Agder Kongsvinger/Roverud, Inlandet Gol, Viken

Those behind the service plan to double the number of 24-hour rest places covered next year. In order to protect privacy, the Norwegian Roads Administration stresses that the cameras used to monitor rest area capacity have a filter that removes registration plate details. In addition, the distance between the cameras and the parked vehicles is generally quite large, and the cameras do not have such a high resolution.

The real time cameras will be available via the Norwegian Roads Administration’s app and its website.

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