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December 13, 2023 - By:

Ongoing extension of border controls in the Schengen area

Ongoing extension of border controls in the Schengen area

Austria, Italy and Poland have expanded border controls, and Norway also announces the introduction of controls related to the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.

At the beginning of December, Poland extended border controls on the border with Slovakia until January 2, 2024. These controls will only apply to the route of entry to Poland, and the Border Guard emphasizes that designated border crossings are available.

Until January 2, 2024, the Polish-Slovak border can be crossed at 17 road border crossings, including: Radoszyce, Barwinek, Muszynka, Piwniczna-Zdrój – Mnišek nad Popradom, Jurgów, Chyżne, Korbielów, Zwardoń – Skalité Platforma, Leluchów (reserved for citizens of the EU, EFTA member states and the Swiss Confederation together with their spouses and children), Konieczna (excluding buses and minibuses intended exclusively for the above-mentioned persons and their families), Niedzica, Łysa Polana, Chochołów, Winiarczykówka, Ujsoły, Bór and Jaworzynka – Čierne – Skalité.

Last week, in addition to Germany, Italy and Austria also extended border controls.

Controls on the Italian-Slovenian border will be in force until December 19, while Austrians will carry out controls on the border with the Czech Republic until December 16. Border controls with Slovakia will last until February 3, 2024. The Czech government has also extended measures regarding the border with Slovakia, with controls lasting until January 3 next year. Norway announced the introduction of border controls in connection with the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, valid at all borders until December 18.

Controls at Germany’s borders with Poland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland have been in force since October 16 this year. and are regularly extended.

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