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May 2, 2023 - By:

Norway new rules

Norway introduces new rules.The authorities want to strengthen and improve control over the work of foreign truckers.

Drivers of foreign transport companies performing tasks in Norway must have Norwegian pay and working conditions.

The Norwegian Ministry of Labor and Integration has sent proposals for new rules for commuter drivers for consultation. They are aimed at implementing EU Directive 2020/1057 on business trips into Norwegian law.

When foreign transport companies second drivers for tasks in Norway, they must have Norwegian wages and working conditions. This means, among other things, that minimum wage requirements will apply,” says Marte Møs Persen, Minister of Employment and Integration, as quoted by an official government release.

The proposal for new rules clarifies when drivers who work for foreign transport companies and carry out road transport to, from or within Norway should be considered posted workers. In addition, the Norwegian Ministry of Labor suggests that foreign transport companies register their business trip with the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate, providing information about the company, driver, vehicle and performed transport before entering Norway.

Such a registration scheme will provide a better overview of the activities of foreign carriers in Norway, and therefore a better basis for supervision and inspections, adds Møs Persen.

Under the proposals, foreign transport companies will also have to ensure that certain documents are in the vehicle that can be presented during roadside checks, and respond to specific requests from the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate regarding wages and other relevant matters after the trip. Exactly as it is regulated in the countries of the European Union after the introduction of the provisions on business trips provided for by the Mobility Package.

Information registration and further contacts will take place through the EU Internal Market Information System (IMI).

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