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Non-standard accidents

Non-standard accidents involving trucks. Risks that await truck drivers in safe places

We are used to the fact that a road accident involving trucks is preceded by some dangerous situation:


-poor visibility on the track

-the driver fell asleep at the wheel

But sometimes accidents that end tragically can happen in a safe, calm place where no one expects it. The traffic police tells about such cases, urges truck drivers to be vigilant and observe safety techniques even when the truck is off the road.

Accident in logistics center due to parking brake

One of the Spanish truck drivers died in a warehouse on the outskirts of Milan while unloading his own truck. It happened on April 28. The driver placed special wedges under the wheels of the truck to block its movement. At the same time, the parking brake was not engaged. It is possible that it was faulty.

As a result, the truck moved away when the driver had no chance to react. The truck pressed the driver against a van parked nearby. After the accident, the trade unions turned to the company on whose territory everything happened and asked for a thorough investigation.

Dangerous truck test drives

At the beginning of May, a truck accident occurred in the Dutch city of Sint-Edenrode on the territory belonging to the DAF company. It happened on a special site for a test drive. It is used specifically so that the truck driver can understand how his vehicle will behave in extreme conditions.

Therefore, such conditions have been created at the site to make it clear how the truck reacts to a sharp descent from a mountain, to sudden bypassing of obstacles, long-term movement through potholes, emergency braking at a speed significantly exceeding 100 km/h, or on slopes close to 50 percent

During the test drive, the 43-year-old driver lost control, the truck overturned, and the truck driver died of injuries. All emergency services immediately arrived at the scene, and an investigation was launched. It will, in particular, be monitored by the local labor safety inspectorate.

Unexpected injury of a truck driver in a rest area

The incident took place in the Spanish province of Fraga, in a truck parking lot with an adjacent recreation area. One of the truck drivers was injured and miraculously survived after the collision between the two trucks. He was entering the parking lot on his truck, and at that time another truck, which was also heading to the parking lot, hit him, but the driver did not even think to reduce speed.

So first she lost control and hit a tree and then collided with a semi-trailer. After the collision, the second truck dragged the first for another 70 m, and only then stopped. The seriously injured truck driver had to be pulled out of the mutilated cab by firefighters and transported to the hospital.

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