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December 28, 2023 - By:

New proposals

New proposals for the transport of animals in the EU. Western carriers recognized this as “complete nonsense”

The European Commission has presented new proposals to reform the rules of animal transport. Danish carriers were quick to criticize them.

In line with the “from field to table” strategy outlined in the European Green Deal, the European Commission has launched a comprehensive review of animal transport rules in the EU. This is the most important reform in the last two decades.

The following are the key proposals for the transport of animals in the EU:

– Reduction of transportation and unloading time. During long-distance transportation, animals must be unloaded for rest, fed and watered. Special rules will apply to animals destined for slaughter, as well as sensitive animals such as calves fed on their mother’s milk and pregnant animals.

-Increased minimum space requirements. The minimum space for different species will be increased and adjusted accordingly for each species.

-Transportation conditions depend on temperature. Strict conditions of transportation at extreme temperatures will be introduced. Transport in high temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius will be restricted to night time and in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius vehicles must be fully enclosed and air circulation must be controlled.

-Stricter export rules. Stricter rules for the export of live animals from the EU and improved controls in third countries to bring them in line with EU standards.

-Using digital tools. Implementation of digital tools such as real-time vehicle location and a central database to facilitate traffic enforcement.

The legislative proposals will now be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council.

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