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February 23, 2023 - By:

New lorry parking

New lorry parking areas coming to Denmark in 2023

By the end of 2023, Denmark will add 163 new parking spaces.

For trucks, this will make it much easier for many truck drivers who struggle to find safe and comfortable places to rest.

The new truck stops will be strategically located across the country and will be able to accommodate over 1,000 trucks per day and will be equipped with modern amenities such as:



The demand for transportation services is increasing. Therefore, there is a growing need for safe and secure truck parking facilities for drivers to rest and park their vehicles.

Fortunately, Denmark is set to add 163 new truck parking spaces in 2023.

This project is a joint effort between the Danish Roads Authority and the municipality of Kolding.

It is expected to reduce the load on the existing truck parking lots, which are often overloaded with vehicles. This results in drivers having to park on the side of the road, which is a safety hazard.

The new facility will be located close to the E45 motorway, Denmark’s main freight artery.

The location of the new lorry park close to the E45 will also allow drivers to easily access the nearest motorways, minimizing the time spent looking for a parking space and ensuring that they can continue their journey in a timely and safe manner. The truck fleet will operate around the clock and will be equipped with surveillance cameras.

In addition to the truck park on the E45, other truck parking areas on the E45, E20 and E55 are to be expanded with additional truck parking spaces.

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