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June 27, 2023 - By:

New batteries

New batteries have increased the range of electric trucks

The manufacturer introduced new batteries in Volvo FL and FE Electric medium-tonnage electric trucks. They provide more energy, which means a longer range.

More powerful batteries for FL and FE models have 42 percent more capacity. This provides a greater range – up to 450 km on a single charge for the FL Electric and up to 275 km for the FE Electric. As such, electric trucks are capable of handling most types of routes and tasks in urban environments, as well as powering equipment for energy-intensive tasks such as garbage collection. The extra energy can also be used to get around town for long shifts without recharging.

Greater capacity means fewer batteries are needed to provide the same power as today.

If carriers need shorter distances, they can increase load capacity by reducing the number of batteries. Subtracting one battery is an additional 500 kg of payload.

So, the Volvo FL Electric model with an electric motor equipped with six batteries will be able to drive up to 450 km (without electromechanical power take-off – PTO). If the car has three batteries, the range is reduced to 280 km (without PTO), the manufacturer calculates. In contrast, the FE Electric model, equipped with two electric motors, can have a range of 275 km with four batteries (without disconnecting the power take-off). On the other hand, a version with the same number of batteries, but with power off (intended, for example, for garbage collection), will be able to cover up to 200 km.

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