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January 6, 2023 - By:

Logistics 2023

What awaits the world of logistics in 2023? 

In the environment of growing economic challenges, the most important of which are inflation, higher costs of doing business or afalling number of orders, the logistics sector remains strong and focused on dynamic development.

Most representatives of this industry assume an increase in turnover, and thus alsoan increase in employment.Most plan to look for new employees. In the case of an increase in turnover, logistics companies stand out – 68 percent.

This is quite unique at the moment, as most sectors are switching to survival mode, which means they are focused on maintaining the current situation, both in terms of turnover and employment.

58 % representatives of this sector expect an increase in turnover in 2023.

26% expect a decline

16% predicts that the turnover will remain at the current level.

Growth forecasts in the logistics industry and high demand among operators for industrial space confirm that in times full of challenges,in the face of breaking supply chains, having an appropriate logistics and warehouse base is a key element to ensure business continuity.


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