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September 14, 2023 - By:

Increase in tolls

Increased tolls will hit German carriers. Each truck will cost an extra 12 thousand euros

More and more German transport and logistics associations are sounding the alarm about the serious consequences of planned increases in toll rates in Germany. Associations fear bankruptcy, talk about the threat to thousands of jobs and are not exaggerating at all. Motor carriers have calculated the additional costs associated with increasing tolls. The amount turned out to be colossal.

Any minute now – September 18 – amendments to the road toll law will undergo their first reading in the Bundestag. In this regard, more and more carrier organizations are speaking out about the consequences of the fare increase provided for in it.

The German transport and logistics association Bundesverband Logistik & Verkehr (BLV-pro) warns that the planned tariff change will lead to hyperinflation and put carriers at risk of insolvency.

In an official document, BLV-pro warns of the consequences of the planned tariff increase by 83 percent from December 1. According to the organization, the situation in the trucking industry is already difficult, and the consequences of a sharp increase could be catastrophic.

Toll hikes in Germany raise many concerns

In this regard, BLV CEO Konstantin Popov and CEO Thomas Hansche are calling for a reconsideration of the planned fare increase.

“The dramatic additional costs caused by fare increases will drive many of these companies into bankruptcy, which will not only put jobs at risk, but will also affect the security of supply for society as a whole,” the organization said in an official document. – the organization emphasizes in an official document outlining its position.

“It is important that toll revenues are used for road construction and not used for railway reconstruction,” says Thomas Hansche.

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