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Image recognition by artificial intelligence

Image recognition by artificial intelligence will become the standard in logistics in five years – expert report

Artificial intelligence will control everything from health and safety to the organization of cargo transportation.

Computer vision is a segment of artificial intelligence that allows computers and artificial intelligence systems to read relevant information from photos, videos, and other visual data. These systems respond by taking action or making recommendations based on data provided or collected by algorithms. Technological progress in this field is impressive. In less than ten years, the ability of artificial intelligence to identify and classify objects seen has increased from 50 percent to to almost 99 percent

To help logisticians

Computer vision in logistics can be used in four main areas: health and safety, day-to-day operations, asset management and cargo management. From a health and safety perspective, AI image recognition can help identify potential hazards in warehouses, shops and other logistics centers, minimizing risks and preventing accidents. In addition, computer vision can detect problems such as workers not wearing the right protective clothing, as well as incorrect posture and movement, revealing the first signs of fatigue.

Computer vision can significantly ease the burden on technical teams by taking on the task of monitoring and verifying the operation of a logistics operator’s assets and informing them of any problems, errors or anomalies that arise.

In addition to simply monitoring what is happening on the shop floor, in the warehouse and in its immediate vicinity, advanced computer vision can also be used to automate the cargo management process.

In particular, the technology can be useful for estimating the size of cargoes and planning their placement in transport and warehouses. In addition, artificial intelligence can check the classification of goods, their compliance with standards and requirements. Computer vision can also help with the rather tedious inventory process.

Supported and analyzed by artificial intelligence, computer vision can have a wide range of applications in segments such as retail, healthcare, industry, and can also be very useful in disaster response and management, for example.

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