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February 10, 2023 - By:

Ferries and cargo ships

Zero-emission ferries and cargo ships to set sail in 2 years after UK Government investment.

The UK Government has launched a multi-million dollar Zero Emission Vessel and Infrastructure (ZEVI). Сompetition to help decarbonise the UK’s maritime sector.

6 February Thanks to the investment, the UK government said zero-emission ferries, cruises and cargo ships “will be plying UK waters within 2 years”.

According to the UK government, the funding will allow the technology to be transferred from the factory to the sea. This will help determine which projects will have a long-term impact on reducing emissions.

They want to launch a ship with zero emissions no later than 2025. Successful projects must demonstrate that they can use the money to work with major UK ports and operators.

Examples of such technology include :

-Battery electric vessels

-Shoreside electrical power

-Hips running on low carbon fuels like hydrogen or ammonia and wind-assisted ferries

Thanks to this multi-million dollar investment, the latest technological ideas can become a reality and will ensure that there are greener cargo ships, ferries and cruises on UK waters for the next few years, said Transport Secretary Mark Harper. A clean freight system, a cleaner tourism industry and the maritime sector are supported by our funding.

In addition, the government is calling on UK universities to join forces to create new clean seas. A research center with £7.4 million of government funding and additional funding from academia and industry.

Research in the fundamental science behind clean maritime technologies will be delivered by the hub, building evidence and expertise for the maritime sector. It will also support skills development across the industry and generate knowledge for maritime decision-makers. There is also a program that offers young talents who want to work in the maritime industry.

The center will be established in partnership with and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). She is part of the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The ZEVI fund and Clean Maritime Research Hub are part of the UK SHORE programme, launched in March 2022 with £206 million in funding.

UK SHORE aims to tackle shipping emissions and advance the UK towards a sustainable shipping future.

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