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September 28, 2023 - By:

Euro-7 norms for trucks

EU decision: Euro-7 norms for trucks will not be as tough as expected

Euro-7 emission standards will not be as strict as previously planned. This decision was made this week in Brussels by the member states of the European Union.

The EU countries, under the presidency of Spain, discussed in detail the Euro-7 emissions standard and decided to relax the future norms. Accordingly, the EU has not changed its position on the existing emission limits and test conditions for light commercial vehicles.

However, lower emission limits and slightly modified test conditions will apply for heavy goods vehicles. In addition, it is planned to develop special rules for city buses.

In addition, there must be limits on non-exhaust emissions, such as particulate matter from brakes and tires. Minimum requirements for the service life of electric vehicle batteries and stricter requirements for the service life of cars will also be established.


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