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November 7, 2021 - By:

EU drivers pay the price for east-west divide

There are 3 million truck drivers on the roads of Europe, delivering everything from food and furniture, to cars and concrete. All share the same lifestyle of lonely parking lots, gas stations and endless highways. But not all of them are paid the same wages. What they earn doesn’t depend on skill or seniority, but on where they come from. Drivers from eastern Europe generally take home a lot less than those from western Europe – for instance, a Bulgarian driver could earn around €500 euros per month, while an Italian might take home €2,000 per month. Employers take advantage of Europe’s east-west wage divide in order to boost profit margins. It’s a practice known as social dumping, which has led to job losses in western Europe and worker exploitation in eastern Europe. The consequences can be deadly. By giving a voice to the people directly affected by this dire situation, this film exposes the reality of Europe’s ruthless trucking industry and its dividing effects on European politics.

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